Another Great Day At Pawtuckaway

May 11, 2016

What might have been the last day of climbing Pawtuckaway until fall, was pretty great. It kept threatening to rain all day. The rain never lasted for very long and even hailed for a little while too. We had such a great group of people. No one ever mentioned hiking out of the woods to avoid what would have been a big problem.


Most of the climbing photographs are of Keith Nadeau. This day he climbed 2 V8s and 7 V7s. One of the V7s was a 25' highball called "Italian Stallion". Keith climbed it 4 times in a row as a burn out at the end of the day.

Probably my favorite photograph of the day. I also really liked the way the boulders came together to form a cave. There was a little brook running through the center of it. A very unique location.

This was the first route Keith climbed that day. It was a V8 named "Innovator". It was the first time he ever climbed it. His success on it made him pretty psyched and set the tone for the day.

 Robin Agricola after the traverse portion of "Hobbit Hole"

 Now making her way to the top.

Robin Agricola working on a fun new V5 project called "Throng". Keith thought her and Hakeem would have fun working on it and he was right.

 Keith Nedeau doing a completely unnecessary, yet TOTALLY necessary Batt Hang on "Throng". 

You can see the Hail coming down in this photograph. Not even the hail was able to stop Keith from sending yet another V7. 

This was Jack Brumm's 1st trip to Pawtuckaway. I snapped this photograph of him taking shelter under a boulder while we waited for some rain to pass. Jack was probably the only one of us that was properly prepared for some heavy rain. I know I wasn't prepared at all.

At this point some of the boulders were getting a bit wet. Keith, never one to complain just put a bunch of extra chalk on to dry it up. He even used a stick to get the chalk on the higher portions of the climb.

 A little love fest between Robin and her dog Radar, while waiting for Keith to get the route ready.

 A good illustration of why Radar is a perfect name for him. 

 You can see the boulder is a bit wet. Definitely a good time to have a spotter. 

 Just about to reach the top. This part of the route was particularly wet and slippery.

 It seemed to be an easy top out for Keith at this point.

Just goofing around on the top of the wet V7 he just sent. Even Keith was surprised he was able to climb this route since it was so wet.

This sequence is of the 25' V7 highball that Keith climbed 4 times in a row. Thats 100' ft of V7!

 Another angle of "Italian Stallion"

This angle gives you a better perspective of how tall "Italian Stallion" is. He still has several moves to the top here and its already a pretty big fall. From here we packed up and hiked our way back to our cars. Definitely a great day!























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Another Great Day At Pawtuckaway

May 11, 2016

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